12mm HPL Compact Plate – Nationwide Compact Plate Wholesale Price List

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12mm HPL Compact Plate - Nationwide Compact Plate Wholesale Price List

12mm HPL Compact Plate - Nationwide Compact Plate Wholesale Price List

What is Compact Plate? Things to know about Compact HPL .

panels Compact HPL 12mm (Solid Phenolic) sheet is a solid-core, solid-core board made from multiple layers of kraft paper after dipping in phenolic adhesive. It is compressed at temperatures up to 150 degrees Celsius and pressures at 1430psi. The core layer consists of several layers of kraft paper pressed between the top and bottom layers. What is Compact Panels is currently one of the most popular interior materials today. In Vietnam, Compact panels are mainly used in the construction of toilet partitions and laboratory tables for research rooms (due to their super durable structure, water and chemical resistance of Compact HPL panels). However, in Western countries or developed countries like Korea, Japan. Compact HPL panels are applied in more diverse fields such as: construction, interior and exterior for wall cladding, ceiling cladding, furniture, locker cabinets, suspended ceilings, technical raised floors, kitchen cabinets, …

The “precursor” of today’s HPL 12mm compact Compact Plate was first invented in 1896. A Belgian-American chemist has combined phenol and formaldehyde, creating a plastic product that can be converted into an insoluble polymer. He then added wood sawdust as a filler, resulting in a dark plastic sheet. In 1907, he patented this invention, naming him Bakelite. This was an excellent material for the time with its non-conductivity. It drew interest from the electrical industry almost immediately. This material has replaced porcelain and mica as insulating materials in electrical equipment. Later in the development process, it was applied in many other fields. From acoustics, insulation to agriculture, the textile industry to the aviation industry.

This material is limited in color. Because they are only available in black or brown – the original color of the composition. Further studies appeared as early as 1906, a scientist named Leibich studying the reaction of melamine formaldehyde. He discovered that these resins, mixed with cellulose and after undergoing a process of polymerization, produced a solid material. Has excellent advantages such as light stability (UV rays), high wear resistance, electrical insulation. Then, in the 40s, the development of high moisture resistant decorative paper, melamine paper, made Compact HPL panels begin to have a wider variety of colors and aesthetic textures.

12mm HPL Compact Plate - Nationwide Compact Plate Wholesale Price List

12mm HPL compact panels usually have a structure of 3-4 layers.

For Mbee’s Compact HPL panels, this structure is 4 layers, including: Top layer (overlay): This is the top layer of the Compact HPL sheet, also known as the transparent protective layer. This layer has the effect of protecting the surface of Compact HPL panels from the effects of external forces that cause bad damage. Decorative paper layer: This is the layer that determines the color and pattern for the Compact HPL sheet. The decorative paper layer is printed with optional patterns, then treated with MUF glue (melamine urea formaldehyde) and pressed on top of the core layer. Core layer (kraft paper layer): The core layer of Compact HPL sheet is made of many layers of treated kraft paper dipped in phenolic glue and then pressed at high temperature (150 degrees Celsius) and pressure (1430 psi). This core layer determines the durability and cost of Compact HPL panels. Bottom layer (stabilization layer): The bottom layer of Compact HPL sheet has the same structure as the second layer, which is made of MUF glued paper. The fact that the upper and lower layers of the kraft paper core have the same structure will help stabilize the overall structure of the Compact HPL sheet.

CONTACT FOR BEST PRICE AND CATEGORIES COMPACT HPL SHEET SAMPLE ALUMINUM ACCESSORIES On the market today, there are quite a few price segments for Compact HPL panels depending on the needs and purposes of use. But in general, the market is divided into 2 main segments: high-end and cheap. In addition, the price of Compact HPL panels depends on the thickness. With the general structure using a lot of glue and kraft paper in the composition, the cost reduction for Compact HPL panels. Mainly depends on the quality reduction of these 2 components. Cheap Compact HPL panels often add stone powder to the core layer to reduce the amount of glue and kraft paper. In addition, some manufacturers substitute cheaper glue to reduce the cost of Compact HPL panels. The use of cheap glue will bring negative effects to the user’s health as well as the durability of the product.

You can distinguish the 12mm HPL Compact Sheet quality based on the weight. Good quality compact tampons usually weigh up to 18kg/m2 for 1220*1830 panels with 12mm thickness. While lightweight Compact panels weigh less than 13kg/m2. Lightweight Compact panels are usually cheap, the surface cut is not as smooth as the heavy Compact HPL panels. Because the core layer of Compact panels is usually porous and the bonding between the molecules is not tight, it has the disadvantage that it is easy to absorb moisture, leading to mold, and the durability is not high. Some projects also combine two types of compact panels, heavy and light, to reduce costs by using a compartment panel with a lightweight Compact plate (1530mm). The front panel (1220mm) of the wall system still uses a 100% waterproof Compact HPL panel. Even in this case, after about 6 to 12 months, the entire wall system is still displaced due to the weak connection of the chamber partition.

For Premium 12mm HPL Compact Plate. Then the materials used are usually standard and comply with the standard. For example, for Mbee’s Compact HPL sheet, we use high quality glue and virgin kraft paper. High-class Compact HPL panels not only ensure high durability, but also ensure health and safety standards for consumers. Classification by thickness of compact sheet hpl Compact panels are usually 3mm to 25mm thick. Depending on the intended use, the user will choose the appropriate thickness. The higher the Compact plate thickness, the higher the price. For the main application of making toilet partitions in Vietnam, you should choose Compact panels with thicknesses of 12 and 18mm. Currently, 12mm thickness Compact plate is the most popular thickness for the construction of toilet partitions for public works.

12mm HPL Compact Plate - Nationwide Compact Plate Wholesale Price List

You can completely choose the thickness of 18mm to make the toilet partition. However, if it is too thin, the partition will not meet the needs of use, and if it is too thick, it will face cost obstacles. In addition, accessories come with toilet partitions such as plate clamps, slits, hinges, and regular locks. Produced largely to fit 12 and 18mm thicknesses. Classification by surface class The surface layer of 12mm HPL Compact Sheet is very diverse. In addition to diverse colors such as single color, wood grain color, stone grain color, imitation leather texture… The surface of Compact HPL panels is also very diverse such as glossy surface, rough surface… Therefore, in addition to making applications Compact partition wall, Compact HPL panels can also be used to research and apply in many other needs.

In the field such as making partitions, furniture, … there are many materials that can be used such as granite, CDF plate, HDF plate. But Compact HPL panels are always a wise choice for consumers because of the following outstanding advantages: Absolute waterproof, moisture-proof: Through quality tests. Then, after being soaked in water for 24 – 48 – 72 hours, there is no change in thickness. Compact HPL panels do not swell, warp, discolor or blister despite being completely immersed in water. This advantage is achieved due to the layers of kraft paper. Phenolic glue and melamine paper layer are pressed together under high temperature and pressure (1430psi, 150oC). To form a uniform Compact HPL plate with a dense molecular density.

Molecules of highly oxidizing substances cannot penetrate inside to destroy the Compact hpl sheet. High strength: The toilet partition is designed as a system of empty cells consisting of compact triangles linked together by attached accessories such as plate clamps, slits, hinges, and locks. Therefore, the bulkhead structure needs to have certain strength and large load capacity. Moreover, this partition is used for public works, large number of users. Damage caused by the user’s consciousness cannot be avoided. Compact HPL sheet is currently the only material that can meet the strength and bearing capacity for such public works.

Compact HPL 12mm panels are often used as toilet partitions. High heat resistance: Compact panels can withstand heat up to 80 degrees Celsius. For normal temperatures, Compact panels are not affected. Solid construction: With the components indicated in the structure, the Compact HPL sheet has a very solid structure, which is tightly linked together. Therefore, the product can withstand strong impacts without deformation or warping. Besides, the attached accessories also contribute to reinforce the durability of Compact HPL panels. Compared with the green core MFC wall material, the Compact HPL toilet wall is 10 times more durable.

Various colors and designs: The range of colors and surface textures of Compact panels at Mbee is considered the most diverse on the market today. Monochrome colors are often used such as gray, blue, cream, white, gray… Creating a sense of lightness and elegance, often used for public works such as high-rise buildings, commercial centers , hospital,… and orange, red, pink,… It is a bright vibrant color often used in works for children and students. Besides, Mbee also has a range of wood and stone color ranges, suitable for projects that enhance aesthetics. Art or application to make office partitions, furniture tables and chairs, laboratory tables,…

CDF panels are also a material used in making compact toilet partitions like Compact panels and are often confused with Compact panels. So how are these two materials similar and different? Same: The surface layer is all melamine: The surface of Compact and CDF panels are made from decorative paper dipped with melamine glue. Therefore, the color and surface design of Compact and CDF panels are relatively similar. Has good moisture resistance

12mm HPL Compact Plate - Nationwide Compact Plate Wholesale Price List

Point of difference For Compact panels: The main ingredient is kraft paper dipped in phenolic glue pressed at high temperature and pressure Has a natural black core because kraft paper is inherently black The core is hard, the cross section is smooth and the color is solid black When scraping the core section with a fingernail or hard object, it will not be affected Heavy weight, when holding the small sample plate, it feels heavy 100% waterproof, won’t swell, deform or mold even when soaked in water. So it is very suitable for use in humid environments such as bathrooms. High strength, good scratch resistance. Resistant to chemicals, so it can be used as a laboratory table.

For plate CDF The main ingredient is mixed wood pulp and specialized glue The core of the CDF sheet is dyed black, not the original black The section of the CDF sheet is not completely smooth, but it will have a feeling of wood pulp When scraping the CDF sheet cross-section with a fingernail or hard object, a mark will be left CDF sheet weight is usually lighter than Compact HPL . sheet weight Water resistance is not absolute due to the structure of wood pulp fibers. Still has the basic properties of wood.

Currently on the market there are quite a few suppliers of Compact panels. In which MBEE is confident to be one of the leading suppliers. About 10 years on the market. MBEE has built trust with many consumers about its compact toilet partition products with good quality, diverse designs, and large inventory. The warehouse stretches from the North to the South and our agents are spread throughout Vietnam with convenient locations. Non-stop service in the fastest and most convenient way.

Mbee Workshop Warehouse: Branch: Ho Chi Minh Warehouse and Workshop: 145 Vo Thi Must, Ward 7, Thoi An Ward, District 12, HCMC The Hanoi branch Warehouse and Workshop: No. 158 Phan Trong Tue, Commune. Thanh Liet, Thanh Tri District, Hanoi City (Gateway 3 next to Samco auto repair workshop) With a large warehouse and a variety of goods. MBEE is committed to giving customers the best price with the best quality. Processing panels according to customer specifications and drawings. Always serving customers 24/7, looking forward to your support.

GOOD PRICE Specializing in providing compact panels, accessories, aluminum. Toilet partitions for restaurants, buildings, hotels, schools. The best price  for companies specializing in the construction of partitions, aluminum and glass companies. Provincial customers buy and build by themselves because MBEE will complete the processing, customers only need to install. Good after-sales service. Quick support advice. Competitive price. Direct production. SUPPORT Mbee supports 24/7 service for all requests of customers who have been and are in need of our products. Call us at any time, our engineering team is very pleased to support customers who have used Mbee’s products.

RETURN POLICY Refund immediately when the customer receives the goods in the following condition: Unsatisfactory goods (warping, damaged ..) Brand new, no scratches or dents. The goods are not in accordance with the model and color as agreed by the two parties The goods are not in compliance with the thickness standards due to the poor quality sheet causing the sheet to expand..

MBEE Import Export Trading Production Joint Stock Company MBEE Manufacturing Trading Import Export Joint Stock Company Address: Branch: Ho Chi Minh Warehouse and Workshop: 145 Vo Thi Must, Ward 7, Thoi An Ward, District 12, HCMC The Hanoi branch Warehouse and Workshop: No. 158 Phan Trong Tue, Commune. Thanh Liet, Thanh Tri District, Hanoi City (Gateway 3 next to Samco auto repair workshop) Hotline: 0909101885 – 0937316387 Email:cungcapvachngan@gmail.com

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